New research led by the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) team has supported the safety of performing endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS) as a day case for most patients. The new study – Safety of day-case endoscopic sinus surgery in England, published in Clinical Otolaryngology – aimed to demonstrate the safety of day case ESS, an operation on the sinuses which uses small telescopes (endoscopes) to improve drainage and ventilation and therefore prevent infections.

Mr Annakan Navaratnam gave a talk offering practical tips from a primary care point of view in managing rhinitis. Focusing on how to assess symptoms, management strategies, red flags that GPs should be aware of and when they should refer to a ENT specialist.

Septoplasty for nasal obstruction: New trial paves the way for evidence based guidelines, Annakan V Navaratnam, Alfonso Luca Pendolino

Health resources everywhere are stretched in this post-pandemic era. The pursuit of effectiveness has led policy makers and health insurance companies to pay close attention to the value of common procedures, and otorhinolaryngology is not spared. In common with other surgical techniques developed before evidence based medicine, there is a paucity of high quality evidence evaluating septoplasty and therefore no clear guidelines for its use. Consequently, clinicians have varying opinions about when, or even if, septal surgery can benefit patients with nasal obstruction.